Data Mining

HighRun DataScience has launched a powerful technology service called data mining, which can assist you with valuable information collected from your data. While the results may be shown differently, data mining has a similar process to data analysis. The differences between the two types of services will be introduced below. Now you have an excellent chance to try our data mining services.

Aims of Our Services

Data analysis involves examining and interpreting data to draw conclusions or make decisions. It involves statistics and visualization but little machine learning technology. Unlike data analysis, advanced algorithms and machine learning technologies are mainly used in data mining to find patterns or trends in data. Compared with data analytics services, the most crucial advantage is that data mining can build predictive models using machine learning.

Benefits for Clients

Several types of analysis, such as classification, clustering, association, and prediction, can be dealt with in data mining technologies, including AI and machine learning.

The information as patterns and phenomena hidden under the surface, which is hard to seek by a general data analysis, can be found through data mining technologies and methods. A classic case called “Beer and Diapers” was discovered by data mining, and the result infers that data mining can help you deeply understand the information under the surface to detect more commercial opportunities and existing problems.

Because the process of data analysis is like that of data mining, you can regard data analysis as a part of data mining. It suggests that data analysis's benefits also apply to data mining. Therefore, data mining also has advantages for you in terms of decision-making improvement, competitive advantages, customer understanding, efficiency increase, etc.

Why Choose Us

Our analysis team, with professional data scientists, will provide advanced technologies and methods to gather and analyze the data. We can help our clients use various types of data to gain valuable information. We believe you will be satisfied with our services.

If you want to learn more about our services, contact us soon without hesitation. Our professional staff is happy to reply to your questions at any time.